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What is Thermal Imaging?
Thermal imaging is used to identify patterns of heat loss from your property that are invisible

to the naked eye. Thermal imaging is conducted using a high tech infrared camera. This camera

is able to determine the pattern of heat loss through the fabric of the building and heating systems.

Why use Blower Door/Air Tightness testing and Thermal Imaging together?
Air tightness testing and thermal imaging complement each other. Their combined use indicates

air leakage within a property. Once these have been identified, solutions can be decided upon

that will increase the energy efficiency of your building, and save you money over time.

What are the benefits of Thermal Imaging?

  • real time capture of heat loss.
  • the ability to see things that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • highlights the extent of the heat loss- it does not merely identify that heat loss is occurring, also indicates the level of heat loss experienced.
  • identifies defects that exist.
  • money can be saved by dealing with the issues that are identified by the thermal imaging report.

Where can Thermal Imaging find defects?

  • insulation defects in walls and roofs.

  • air leakage around service pipes.

  • heat loss through un-insulated pipe work.

  • defects in radiators and under-floor heating.

  • energy wastage in electrical appliances.

  • problems with ventilation and air conditioning.

  • electrical problems.

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