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- we are accredited contractor by TimberTech


We are authorized provider and installer of TimberTech Decking material. With TimberTech you don't have to spend your free time worrying about deck maintenance. You get the beauty of a wood deck, without the hassles. So you spend your free time enjoying your deck, not maintaining it. TimberTech isn't just for decks either, you can use it for landscaping, walkways, docks, boat slips and pool surrounds.

TimberTech advantages:

No Splinters

The plastic in TimberTech bonds the wood fibers so your whole family can go barefoot on your deck, without worrying about splinters.

No Replacing Damaged Boards
TimberTech also resists UV rays and other forms of environmental damage. You'll never have to deal with warped, split or rotten boards.

No Termites
The innovative composition that makes TimberTech so attractive to deck owners makes it utterly unappetizing to termites, marine borers, carpenter ants and other wood-eating insects.

Easy Care
The only maintenance a TimberTech deck requires is periodic cleaning and the removal of debris from the gaps.



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