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Exterior painting - Exterior Painting /step by step/

What you should expect 

/ exterior painting process & maintenance /

Power Washing

  1. Environmentally-friendly detergent or bleach is used to remove dirt & mildew as required.
  2. Delicate areas are hand-washed.
  3. Loose paint chips are cleaned up.
  4. House is given time to dry.
  5. Driveways & decks cleaned upon request.

Scraping, Priming & Minor Maintenance

  1. All loose paint is removed, all bare areas are primed.
  2. Glossy areas are scuff-sanded.
  3. Feather-sanding and stripping done on request.
  4. Areas around doors and windows are caulked, window panes receive new putty where necessary.
  5. Wood, masonry and stucco repairs available upon request or when specified on the contract.
Exterior Painting
  1. Full finish coat is applied to proper coverage & finish.
  2. All non-painted surfaces are covered to protect against splatter & drips.
  3. Paint is applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer depending on the surface.
  4. Second coat is available upon request or when specified on the contract.
  5. Only premium quality paints are used.
  1. Performed daily and upon completion of the job.
  2. All garbage is removed.
  3. Plant beds cleaned and paint chips removed.
  4. Touch-up paint is labeled & left with the customer.
  5. Outdoor fixtures & furniture replaced.
  1. Before the crew packs up their equipment, a "wet walk-around" is done to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly.
  2. Final touch-ups are noted on a 'punch list' & are completed before the crew leaves.
  3. After the crew leaves, a "dry walk-around" is done with the customer.


Maintenance  / exterior painting /

No paint job will last forever. However, the life of paint can be extended with the proper care and maintenance. Interior paint is generally not subjected to conditions as harsh as exterior paint. Maintenance usually consists of little more than occasionally cleaning to remove dirt, grease, or fingerprints. Scuff marks, scratches, and chips require touch up.

Exterior paint requires considerably more maintenance. Regularly removing dirt and mildew will not only keep the paint looking fresh, but will also prevent mildew growth from destroying the paint film. In addition, an inspection for rotted wood and cracked caulk should be conducted at least once a year.

Promptly replacing rotted boards and repairing cracked caulk will prevent more extensive and expensive damage.



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